Why us
Approach to Task

The staffing industry has exploded in the recent years as businesses struggle to manage costs, in an increasingly competitive global economy. In the rush to fill the void, larger agencies have moved towards mass registrations and a scattershot approach to candidate selection and placement.

At Right Placement, we take a much different and far more personalized and practical approach to the
candidate recruitment process. We proactively recruit great talent everyday and carefully select
candidates that we present to you based on the right skills, experience and business culture.

Reduce Time and Cost
Finding qualified talent is a time consuming task. Searching, screening, processing applications, interviewing, and performing verifications to identify an ideal candidate can be a lengthy and expensive to your valuable internal resources. By allowing Right Placement to handle the entire process, you can be rest assured that we will find you a cost effective solution for your quest of hiring employee
Quality Assurance For Candidate Screening.
To reduce the effort at your end, we at Right Placement ensure world class quality assurance for the candidate by undergoing multilayered screening through our professionalism, innovative testing and screening practices, presenting at most three candidate to you for final approval.
365 Days Access.
365 days a year is what we offer to all our clients. You can always reach us on our phones/e-mail for instant access. Our dedicated professionals will go the extra mile even on Sundays and holidays to ensure that your requirements are met and core competencies not affected.
Placement Horizon.
As both a specialist and generalist staffing firm we will be able to assist you with placements in almost all areas of recruiting. Right Placement has highly experienced professionals on its rolls to give you the cutting edge.
Our clients can be assured of our commitment to professional ethics and business practices, thereby ensuring lasting mutually beneficial relationships built on integrity and trust. Right Placement staff and management will never headhunt any candidates; only legitimate advertising practices are adhered to.